Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quilting with Denim

I am not a quilter, but here is my attempt at a quilt for one of my son's for Christmas. I wanted to make a denim quilt for him since I STILL have lots of recycled denim. So I did make this quilt not buying anything new. It was all fabric I had in my stash. I tried following Emily's Disappearing Nine Patch style. I made my squares 6" square instead of 4" square. Here are a couple of the nine patches before cutting (above) and after cutting and rearranging (below).

I forgot to take a before of this one--This one was 3 dark diagonally and 4 in an + shape and then 2 others in opposite corners.

Here is another before and after arrangement.And finally the finished product. I just put grey fleece on the backside. Sewed them right sides together and left an opening to turn it--slipstitched the opening closed, and then topstitched around the outer edge about 5/8" seam.


  1. i think it's very cute.
    my 7 year old wants a blue jean quilt.
    i never would have thought to use the disappearing 9 patch for denium though.
    but i really like it.

  2. I've seen a lot of denim quilts that are cheesy and kinda gross me out...but yours?! BEAUTIFUL. I love it! You did a great job.

  3. Thanks for sending me the link. Very nice job - really fun quilt! You really are amazing!

  4. Thanks for sending me the link. Nice job - fun quilt!! You really are amazing!

  5. Very nice! did you use batting or just pillowcase it without batting in between? I hate binding, and this would be an easy way for a quick quilt, thanks for sharing the pattern!

  6. No batting, just right sides together and turn and topstitch.

  7. how long did it take to make? It sounds easy - I have six friends who are pregnant and I think this could be the answer! You can get those 5" square charm packs and it would look super cute. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Baby quilts would be super easy. If you go to Emily's post she has a link to the tutorial and that woman does baby quilts. It'll give you a better idea on size and how it might look.

    Good luck and I think your girlfriends would be oh so happy to have a little handmade quilt.

  9. I loved this idea for a jean quilt so i used it on mine! Look how good it turned out. I'm so excited about it. Thanks for sharing



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