Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas 2009 (I hope)

I just about fell off my chair when this pattern came out. How cute can it get! The local fabric stores did not have many options for pre-pleated tape (pattern calls for this). So I made my own trim with the selvage edge. Just cut a long strip and gathered it myself.

I used KONA cotton solids from JoAnn's only because it is slightly heavier and made a size Large (guessing since we haven't had much luck with sizing lately) which ended up being the equivalent of 18-24 months size at BabyGap (had a dress in her closet to compare). If she stays on the smaller size like she should fit perfect next December. If not, that's ok too. She'll wear it when it fits.


  1. I love the solid red better than the plaid 'cuz she can wear it whenever! Maybe Valentines, too!

  2. Em, let's try it on S. If it fits, she can wear it this year.

  3. Oh my. That is too sweet. "Make dress for my daughter" has (sadly) fallen to the bottom of my Christmas to-do list. And since Sunday is uh, just around the corner, not sure it will happen. BUT...maybe you've inspired me. We shall see. Beautiful work Leslie.

  4. Really pretty dress--all decked out with tights and patent leather shoes--or something sparkly too.

    She's be stylin'.

  5. I have a dress for my daughter 6-12 mo. that I got from crazy 8 - almost identical in a light matte silver with the pleating. A cute variation - the pleating continues down the front and around the bottom like it is a wrap dress. My older girls and I adore your skirts - the yo-yos are darling. My girls and I made 3 tiered skirts with a yo-yo cluster where the 2nd and 3rd tier meet. Super cute!

  6. Leslie - I just took some pictures of the dress (and photographing details of a silver dress was not easy!) Anyway, shoot me and email ( and I can send you pictures if you are interested in ideas to modify your pattern! I love looking at your dresses on your blog and etsy. By the way, Crazy 8 is the lower price cousin of Gymboree, think Old Navy to Gap. Crazy 8 has a few retail stores but mostly an online presence. Scroll thru my blog and see the post "because my kids need clothes like they need a whole in the head" from November and see more about Crazy 8!

    Hope to hear from you!!




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