Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season for a...Giveaway!

***This contest is now closed. Winner will be announced later today!***

'Tis the season for we're offering you, our lovely readers, a chance to win one of Leslie's ruffled aprons!!

Just leave us a comment on this post telling us your Favorite Thing About Christmas or Your Family's Most Loved Tradition and you'll be entered! How easy is that?

One comment per person please. Contest will close Thursday Dec. 4 @ Midnight Pacific Time. Winner will be announced on Friday Dec. 5! Good Luck!


  1. What a generous giveaway! These aprons are so beautiful! I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

  2. I love the apron!

    I have so many traditions - we just put up our tree tonight (first FHE in december)

    one that is easiest for me is that my husband cooks a full roast meal (beef, turkey veges the lot) and we invite both sets of grandparents (our parents) to eat so our daughters can have their grandparents all to themselves without cousins.. we do this about two weeks before Christmas and I think it is a lovely tradition we began about 5 years ago

  3. Cute,cute apron!!

    My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing my daughter exeriencing Chrismas firsts. She was only 4 months old last Christmas so this is her first holiday where she's really aware. She stares at the tree for hours, oooh and ahhs over outdoor lights and the toy displays send her running their way. It's all such fun!

  4. Your blog is so inspiring! I love the apron!

    Each December we wrap all of our Christmas books. With help from the Library we have 24. Each night we get open a "present" and read a Christmas story before bed. It's great to see presents under the tree and always exciting to find out what book you get to read that night.

  5. I know I can't win, but one of my favorite Christmas traditions that we did as kids and now my kids like to do is that a couple of times during December we have a sleep out "under" the Christmas tree--with all the pretty lights. They always want to do a sleep out on Christmas Eve, but that doesn't ever happen.

  6. Lullaby Lane, I love your tradition. I may have to steal your idea!

  7. I can't believe I'm going to admit this at a creative chick blog, but I've never owned an apron, or a sewing machine for that matter. However, there is a first time for everything, and this apron looks adorable!

    My favorite holiday tradition is going with my family and cutting down a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It is a good way to start out the fun holiday season!

  8. We're doing the book thing this year too! Anyway my favorite tradition is putting up the tree. The kids love helping!

  9. I know a lot of people probably have some sort of "giving" tradition. We budget a certain amount each year to help give Christmas to a family in need. Our whole family helps with the shopping. We try to choose a family with children similar in ages to ours so it might seem a little more meaningful to our own kids. We wrap everything up, sneak up to the door, ring the bell, and then run like mad. It's a lot of fun.

    Also, Leslie, the aprons are beautiful. I thought of you when I was reading Better Homes and Gardens' December issue where they featured a bag from IndiaRose.Com. It is similar to your cute aprons.

  10. Love to drive around and look at Christmas lights!

  11. Oh to win one of your fabulous aprons!

    I have tons of traditions I love....making gingerbread houses, our twelve boxes with twelve different spiritual things we are blessed with one to be opened each day, chocolate fondue Christmas eve.

  12. I hope I win! I love this apron...and your blog. My favorite thing about Christmas is putting up the decorations. My families tradition is our annual "ugly christmas sweater party." We laugh so hard at everyone's outfits!

  13. My sister and I have a tradition that every year we get our families together on Christmas Eve to make gingerbread houses with all 5 of our kids. My sister also gives the kids matching pajamas when we all arrive. The adults sit back and eat appetizers while the kids decorate their houses. This year my sister is also getting the same pajamas for us so that we match the kids.

  14. I'm so excited!

    I have many favorites, cutting down a tree (oh the smell hmmmm....) spending lots and lots of time together as a family and.... I am excited to try some starting some new traditions I have just read about here. Can't wait to have everyone sleeping around our yummy smelling tree.
    My favorite family tradition is on Christmas Eve we each give a gift to Jesus. (Something that we have a desire to do better to help us be more Christ-like throughout the coming year.) We also read over last year's to see how we did.
    For our children last year we actually looked through old Ensigns and Friends to find a picture to put in a little frame int thier room to remind them of their gift all through the year.
    It has been a good reminder to us of the real reason for the season.

  15. One Christmas we planned cutting down a Christmas tree after work. We told the kids & called ahead, not remembering that it gets dark by 5pm! Luckily the tree farm had flashlights! We spent the next 1/2hr hunting with flashlights for the perfect Christmas tree (not easy!). It ended up being a great memory and quite the adventure.
    The kids now look forward to our moonlight tree hunting each Christmas.

  16. Hello! Love this blog and apron!

    I would have to say my favorite tradition when I was younger was my father reading the Christmas Story Christmas Eve. It was a great way to remember what Christmas is all about!

  17. Just came over here from Quilt Taffy, and I love all the cute projects posted! My favorite thing about the holidays is figuring out the perfect gift to give someone, and then watching them open it!

  18. Oh wow. That really is too easy! And I can NEVER resist ruffles.

    Every Christmas Eve for the past 15 years, my family has gone caroling to a few different fire stations in our city. My mom felt sorry for the firemen, being stuck in the station and away from their families on the holiday. So we sing to them, take a plate of treats, and in turn...they let the kids climb all over the big red trucks! It's pretty fun.

  19. My favorite tradition growing up was an afternoon spent decorating cookies. Now that my daughter is old enough (2.5), I'm so excited to start that up for our family!

  20. wow, you guys have enough readers for a give-away! i get excited when i have more than 3 comments on a post!! anyway, my favorite christmas tradition is the 12 days of christmas. my in-laws made a spiral bound book with stories, scriptures, songs and hymns. every night, we have a family christmas devotional. and we know that the rest of the family, no matter where in the world they may be, are doing the same thing.

  21. Oh, I just found your blog...Love it and hope to get a memory board made for a special 3 year old birthday in January....

    Our favorite family tradition is snacks and games on Christmas Eve... We play scrabble and UNO and eat, eat, eat.....

  22. we put up the tree just after Thanksgiving and all the grandkids help decorate. Linda Gerig

  23. how cute is that???
    i found yall via quilt taffy.

    oh what i love most about christmas:
    watching my kids being SO excited christmas morning.
    to me it just seems that there's nothing as innocent and sweet as those moments.
    *sniff sniff*

    p.s. i love the matching game idea.
    SO perfect for my niece & nephew.

  24. I cant miss this chance! ITs really hard for me to pick a favorite tradition that we have with my family because I have so many favorites for Christmas. I really love it when we get together and play chimes each year in December. We are mostly good, but always love the challenge of playing more than one chime at a time! Another favorite tradition that we did when I lived at home is that every night in December after we have had family scriptures, we turn the lights off (except for the tree) and read a Christmas story by flashlight. Then we sing a Christmas song. It really helps it feel like Christmas, and there are so many good stories that you almost have to read one a night to even scratch the surface!!!

  25. I just found your blog through Quilt Taffy-Taffy Talk. Cute apron.
    My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my husband's family (my family is small, and he's the oldest of 6, and the other 5 still live at home). We have 2 kids and we get to spend the night Christmas Eve. I just love it because even without the gifts, it's still a party when everyone gets together. I just love family.
    Thanks for the chance!

  26. I found your blog thru Quilt Taffy, too.

    I honestly don't recall any traditions while I was growing up. BUT, for the past 10 years, my husband's sisters have gotten together to make their grandmother's sugar cookies. 2 years ago, they invited me to participate (we've been living elsewhere doing 30 years of military service until we retired). I don't have sisters so this was a wonderful female bonding experience for me. I think it was enjoyable for them, too, since we've done it every year since. This past Saturday we made 40 dozen sugar cookies!

    I'd love to win that apron. Darling, darling, darling.

  27. I love traditions and my husband and I both have fun ones that we plan on doing with our daughter & future children. Two of my favorite from growing up are a little different, but I LOVE them. On Christmas Even all of us kids would take tons of blankets and camp out on my bedroom floor and try to listen for Santa, we did this until I was 18 and now my sister and youngest brother still do this! My other favorite is on Christmas morning we would all wake up and have a big set of red lips on our faces. My mom always said that santa had rosy lips and kissed all of the good children. It to this day amazes me that none of us would wake up while "santa" kissed us!

  28. You guys don't really know me, but we're friends of your brother Nate and sis in law Ashlee. We've been best friends up in Idaho with them. Anyways I love the apron and your blog so i thought I'd write one of our fav. traditions.

    We always get together with family on Christmas eve, with my parents we play games and eat finger foods and then at my in laws we make home-made pizzas and eat them. I think my favorite thing about Christmas is being with our families!

  29. Cute site!

    I think my favorite part of the Christmas season is that there are so many loved family traditions that happen at this time of year. I love it all! I love the food, the parties, the family time, etc.



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