Sunday, December 7, 2008

L's stuffed elephant

I've been meaning to post this little project I finished. It was another "been in the pile way too long" project.

Simplicity 2921

I don't have pleasant feelings about this little guy because I hated sewing it. It is full of little tiny curves and small seams (I should have known). It's the same reason I don't do dolls (the only exception) or doll clothes. Too tedious.

I also made L a teddy bear for Christmas. But only after thoroughly reviewing the pattern instructions. (I learned my lesson with this pesky elephant). There are only two pieces and about four seams. That's more like it! It is so much cuter. I ran out of poly-fil so I'll post when I get more.


  1. This is really cute, and that's too bad about you not sewing dolls, I found a site on Etsy that I love and have downloaded several of the lady's patterns. I am not fantastic at sewing by any means and consider myself a beginner, but these are very cute dolls and I have made two for my son, one for a nephew and will make one for my two month old daughter soon too! If you want you can check out her site here

    or you can search the name "bitofwhimsyprims" under the seller names tab (with no spaces).
    And if it makes you feel any better, your elephant turned out very nice!!

  2. I still think it looks cute, but I'll be waiting to see the bear too.

  3. Well he is dern cute! I so dislike sewing itty bitty things too. UGH! I mostly just refuse to do it. SIMPLE American Girl doll clothes is IT! My mother made Barbie clothes for our dolls and my oldest sister knitted outfits for the Barbies!! :0



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