Monday, July 1, 2013

Organizing swimsuit patterns

Well, we survived the storm of last week.  We finally got power on Tuesday evening.  I had left that morning with my 2 oldest to head out to Church girls' camp.  Then we survived that, with various problems and teen girl drama.  I don't have a lot to post because of all that and we're heading on vacation tomorrow too.  I was hoping to have a couple posts ready for while we are gone, but not sure that will actually happen.  If not, then...I'll just post when I get back.

Here is one little thing I did get done before all the craziness happen.

In the midst of sewing all of the swimsuits I better organized my stash of swimsuit patterns.  They were in this plastic file folder drawer.  It has a locking lid and a handle so I can haul it around easy.  I am still using it, but I changed out the hanging files and used pocket file folders instead.  It contains all the pattern pieces better.

Then I busted out my label maker.  Love that thing!

Now the patterns are categorized (by style mostly) and labeled and I can find which one I want so much easier.

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