Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Striped Skirts

Love stripes.
Here are few of the projects that I've put together in the last weeks or months that involve stripes.

A knit chevron skirt for daughter #3 that she wore on Easter.

Did my neck binding technique on the hem of this skirt because once again I had limited amount of fabric and with matching the stripes I could only cut it so long.  We wanted every inch we could get.

I think she might be wearing it sideways in this picture......hmmmm.

Red and blue maxi skirt for daughter #2

We chevroned her skirt slightly based on how much fabric we had and the fact that she wanted it flared and not straight.  Had she wanted it straight we wouldn't have done the chevron style.

When she wore this outfit to Church for the first time she said it was the most comfortable skirt E.V.E.R.
I don't doubt it.
Inspired by this post
Fabric find at the thrift store for $3 or less.

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  1. I own an insane number of maxi skirts for that very reason: they are the most comfortable skirts ever!



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