Friday, July 5, 2013

Tall Girl T-shirts

In case you who read this blog haven't figured out by now, we grow 'em tall around here.  I'm 6' 2", daughter #1 is pushing 6' 1" and daughter #2 is 5' 9" at almost 14 yrs. old.  Son #1 is 12 and 5' 6"....anyway, the point is we expect to have tall kids.

We happened to come across these tall girl problems on Pinterest.  We laughed and laughed as we read them as most of them we have experienced first hand.  Or at least thought.  I have always worn heels and always will, much to the chagrin of many people.  Sorry, don't care.  When hubby and I were dating one of his roommates was seriously bugged that I wore heels.  He told me straight up, "You don't need to wear heels."  My response to him, "What do you care?  I'm not dating you."

Some of these funny sayings have been made into t-shirts.  We decided to make our own using some of the quotes that we found.

Daughter #1's top favs:
  • Tall boys like midgets.
  • People tell me I'm tall like I am unaware.
  • The weather is exactly the same up here.
We ended up making this shirt.

And for her BFF

She's a good sport.


  1. very cute shirts. Back in the day I had some of those same things said to me, but now I'm one of many tall people. I only feel tall when I'm around someone who is very short, like five foot or so. Way to go to embrace the tallness that surely does run in this family. M

  2. Love the T's you have whipped up! It's good to be able to have a giggle. Well, I'm the short one in the equation in my family - at 5'6"(on a good day), hubby is 6'4", daughter is 6'2" and son is 6'6"! But probably like you, because we live with this tallness day in/day out, to me it is the norm. Off to have a laugh at your Pinterest link...J

  3. I love these shirts. My husband's family is all over 6 feet tall, including my sister-in-law. My 5'6" feels so small whenever I'm around them.

    1. This is Renae....we're at Em's right now.

      Just have to say we saw a shirt that said, "5'7" is not tall". Em always likes to tell everyone that she is the shortest in our family at 5'8".

  4. Love the shirts! At 5'1" I am always the short friend. :)



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