Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Amish Buggy Quilt Completed

So it turns out the "technical difficulty" with my new camera was me.
Go figure!
Thanks to hubby for pointing out my error.
He's better about the technical stuff than I am--it's that engineer brain of his.

Anyway, I think I am back in business.
Once again I sent one of my quilts on a journey to get quilted by Lynn.

I took this completed top to our niece's wedding in Nebraska in May. Our parents took it with them to Utah right after that and left it with Emily.  She took it to Lynn where she did a nice job with my quilting request. And then when we were just out there a few weeks ago I picked it up.  Last Wednesday night while everyone was at Church activities I finished the binding and now it is DONE!  Yeah!

  • Finished dimensions approx. 65 inches by 73 inches.
  • Blue border cut 2 inch strips
  • Brown border cut 3 inch strips
  • 7 blocks by 8 blocks--tutorial for block here, though we did 2 1/2inch blocks not 2 1/4 inch.

Rectangle spiral quilting--a little modern touch.

Previous post about this quilt.


  1. this is a very colorful and pretty quilt. Did you meet Lynn when you got your quilt? She is a very nice lady, isn't she? I'm sure you will all enjoy using this quilt because quilts are the best. M

  2. Wonderful quilt ! AmitiƩ de France Mamifleur



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