Monday, July 29, 2013

Dutch Braid Flower Success

A number of months ago daughter #2 found this picture on Pinterest and wanted me to do her hair the same.

Dutch braid flower!

Unfortunately the pin didn't have a tutorial or website to go with it.  Just the pic.

While on vacation the girls were browsing Pinterest with their Aunt Ashlee and found a tutorial for this exact hairstyle.

We watched it.
I tried it once on my daughter's hair and it was a success.

Before this she was contemplating cutting her long hair to shoulder length and donating it.
Not any more.


  1. wow! that is beautiful! I can see why she doesn't want to donate it! :)

  2. Cool! Although I think it would be awesome to donate, take it from this fine haired girl that can't wear it long.....enjoy your long hair. Love it, wear it.



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