Monday, June 24, 2013

Storm Interruption

This is just a quick note--written while I am briefly hooked up to the internet..

Friday night we had a super storm here in MN.  Hubby and I were out on a date when it hit.  We almost couldn't get home because it was SO BAD.  2 big limbs off one of our ash trees came down into the neighbor's yard, but over the power lines.  We lost power that night and here we are Monday and our home is still without power.  The power guys came and removed the limbs off the lines, but we are not expected to get any until Wed. evening.

Shoot me now!
This sucks!

I had my meltdown on Saturday afternoon.... right before we found a generator at a Home Depot in Bloomington, 30 miles away from us.  Well worth the drive!  And well worth the money at this point. Every thing, and I do mean everything, close by was sold out.  Our neighbor told us where he found his there was fight that broke out over the generators.  Fun times.

I am supposed to be leaving tomorrow for Church girls camp, with possibly still no power.  Not sure if I'll be able to do that.  Can't leave my other kids here in charge of a gas generator while I'm gone.  Could be an even more interesting week.

So, anyway, the point of all this is I probably won't be posting anything any time soon.  Although I did briefly hook up my sewing machine to the generator so that I could applique two more camp shirts for a couple late comers..

If you're the praying type we could use some.  I really need to have power by the morning so I can leave with the rest of the group and know that my kids will be fine too.

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