Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glow Bracelet Mania

One of the activities "planned" for the annual 4th of July Bash held at my Aunt Gayle's in Provo was to provide glow bracelets for the kids once it got dark.  Well, at least 3 of us cousins brought a number of packages to share with the 30 or so kids (ages 1 to 18) that were in attendance.  After all was said and done we figured out that we had 400-500 glow bracelets to distribute.

This is a portion of the family crew.

Who would have guessed that this would turn out to be the hit of the evening?

They were making all sorts of creations.

Playing ring toss like games with each other.
Even the adults were getting into it.

There might have even been a bit of hoarding going on.

So here is that group shot minus the flash with all those glow bracelets together.

This is definitely on the "keep" list for next year's party.

Thanks Tiffany for the pics.

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