Thursday, April 25, 2013

Working on the Kitchen

If you have followed our blog for awhile you know that we've slowly done some work on our kitchen.

Removing the half wall.
Removed the rest of the wall between dining and kitchen.
New flooring

Figuring out what to do with the remaining wall--double oven mock-up.

In the meantime it has looked like this.

An open utility shelf that was/is a disaster to say the least.
Please don't judge.
Older homes just don't come with enough storage.
And least of all when you have 7 people living in it.

Finally, since hubby has a new job, he commutes more and doesn't have as much time and we might move down the road, I decided we have to do something different.  We still might build in a double oven and cupboards, but until then I bought this.

Bought it on Craigslist for $100.
It was ready to use immediately, unlike some other entertainment units I had looked at that would've needed some shelves built in first. And when and if we do build something in this spot permanently I plan on moving this to my sewing room for fabric storage. (I will need to stain the bottom knobs to match them up.)

And for the moment here is sort of what I am doing with it.

Small appliances
Markers and crafty supplies
Big bowls in the drawers
In the bottom drawer I put in baskets and fruit

Anything to get stuff off the counters and out of sight.
Still a work in progress, but much improved.


  1. I like that a lot. Like you say, anything to get stuff put away and out of sight. Have you thought about buying an island on craigslist, too. That would give you more counter and storage space. It looks good. M

    1. I've got a roadside rescue one that I'm trying to figure out if it is worth the effort to do anything with.

      I have been looking some too.

  2. Love it! I say toss the island you have and find something that doesn't require any work before you can use it. You're doing great with your craigs list finds.



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