Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lace Dresses

My 2 oldest girls have been obsessed with lace dresses.  There are some really pretty ones out there as well as ones none of us here would be caught dead in (too revealing and sexy for teenagers AND mothers of 5 children too.)

They picked out the colors and slightly fought over who would wear which one.  The lady who helped us cut fabric at Jo-Ann's convinced them which color looked best on each.  Heaven forbid they should listen to their mother's opinion.  Just glad it worked out and they were both happy.

These were their Easter dresses, and they wore them even though the temps were in the 30's (you can't tell from these pics) and the wind was super cold.

I really like this with the bow.

Daughter #1 with my oldest son and his "new" suit from his cousin.

3/4 sleeve hem.

And here is how the invisible zipper looks with the lace/satin combo.

They received quite a few compliments at church.  Lots loved the colors and others loved the "retro" feel of the dresses.  I didn't think we were doing anything all that retro, but I'm just happy that they are pleased with how their dresses turned out.


  • Used pattern Butterick 5706
  • We had to take the dress in quite a bit on the sides at the waist so that it would look more fitted.  And this was after the back darts too.  I don't know if it was just the pattern or because my girls swim and they have broader shoulders and need a different size there than in the waist.
  • Made a bow for each but daughter #1 didn't wear hers this time. 
  • Invisible zipper
  • Blind hem stitch on the satin layer.
  • Added a facing to the neckline instead of how the instructions indicated.  


  1. Very nice! I have been noticing the lace trend and I like it. I love the way they overlay on the same colour fabric.

  2. Darling daughters, handsome son and dresses that are lovely! Love the lace!

  3. Very pretty!!
    It often takes me a good while to notice trends, but based on what I saw at church Sunday, lace is IN right now (and paired with denim seems to be the best way to wear it ;-)

  4. Beautiful dresses and daughters! I made myself a lace dress using that same pattern;)

  5. I really enjoy seeing the clothing you make; you are very talented and so inspiring. The part I like most on these dresses is how the lace hangs over the solid fabric; it's so elegant that way.

  6. So pretty! The lady at the fabric store was right about their best colors.


  7. These are really nice. summer is a great opportunity for wearing more dresses. I am also looking for Cheap Lace Dresses that are appropriate for work and then I can just wear them to evening events as well. The FC (1st one) is my favorite!



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