Friday, April 19, 2013

My New Normal

My sewing life has changed over the course of the past couple months.
I've had to start wearing reading glasses in order to thread the needles on my machines.
It makes me feel like I am older than I actually am.
Well....maybe I am actually getting older.

Anyway, I'm not particularly happy about it as now I have to make sure I have a pair of "cheaters" by my serger, another pair in my purse so if I need to read something at the store, and another pair by my bed so I can read.  I find that especially at night I need them if I want to read.

But on the flip side, it sure is nice to be able to see clearly where that thread is going and what I am sewing.  My kids also think I look "distinguished" when I wear them.  I'm trying not to feel slightly put out by that comment because when I think of "distinguished" I think of a handsome gentleman with gray or graying hair (like my hubby).  I know they were giving me a compliment, so I guess that I'll just have to accept my new normal.

At least I'm blonde so you can't see all the gray that is coming in too.

Enjoy your weekend!
We are so praying for NO more SNOW!!


  1. Alas, I have a similar problem--but I am definitely rocking more gray hair!

  2. It is an adjustment (mentally & emotionally more than anything) huh? I have a couple of pairs of reading glasses (only I call them sewing glasses ;-) in various places, too. Never thought to stick one in my purse, though - that would be handy.
    When I first started needing them, I bought a beaded chain and wore it on the glasses (I often hand sew while doing something else, so they are constantly off and on my face...) My husband jokingly made some comment about my grandma chain (never mind the fact that I AM a grandma...) and I never wore the chain again. He asked me to many times, saying he was just teasing (and I was, after all, a grandma) and he thought it was cute.... Nope; not wearing anything that screams "Grandma" when I still have little ones of my own (my children's births were spread out over 22 years and the youngest is only 9 months older than her nephew)
    p.s I think the glasses look great :-)

    1. I actually have a couple HS and college friends that are already grandmas and so it shouldn't surprise me that these changes are happening to me. Its just that since I have kids that are so much younger than theirs I'm just not there yet, at least in my own mind.

      And since my hubby is younger than I am if I ever say something like, "I could be a grandma" he'd respond, not with me you couldn't. I don't think he'll be able to say that for too many more years before it won't be true--he will be old enough to be a grandpa.

  3. I've got about 5 pairs scattered through the house and when I need them I usually can't find a pair. The chain drugstores put them on sale periodically BOGO and I stock up!

  4. Feel your pain. I just had to get bifocals. No cheaters for me though I'm thinking about getting some for sewing and knitting. Even with the new lenses I can't quite clearly see the needle on the sewing machine.



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