Monday, April 15, 2013

What about Orange?

I think that we all have a favorite color....or two.
Sometimes that changes with time and age, sometimes not.
I have to say that as much as I love bold colors, I never thought that I would have much interaction with the color orange.

As a teen, orange was one of our rival high school's school colors.
Therefore, not cool to wear it.
I was also told I was a summer (remember the seasonal color thing that was so "in" during the 80's) and so orange was not in my color range.  It also proved to be wrong--about the summer thing for my skin color.

Much later I grow up, get married to a hunter (think blaze orange) and have some kids.
Who funny enough all love the color orange.
Our local HS colors are orange and navy.
I now own an orange t-shirt that I wear to our daughters' swim meets.

How did this happen to me?
I've sewn more things made out of orange fabric than I can think about.  And just recently I bought a lovely piece of orange rayon fabric that I am going to use for MYSELF to make a new skirt--out of ORANGE.  It's just crazy!

I need an orange skirt!
from Pinterest

Who knew that orange would become such a part of my life?

Anyone else using colors that they never thought they'd have in their life?

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