Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green Splash Quilt FINALLY Finished

I've been trying to get this quilt finished for some time.  The top has been done since November of last year.  I worked on some of the quilting in February when we all had our little retreat to St. George.  I just had the white border around the orange block to quilt and then it could be done.

With all the nasty snow we received this past week (and more forecasted for tonight--UGH!) It was a good week to stay home and get some things accomplished.  Happy day I got this one out of the sewing room and into the living room to be used.

Used a little wavy line quilting stitch on Emily's new machine to do the majority of the quilting.
Straight line quilting across the orange block
Pebble quilting within the white border around the orange block.

Finished dimensions:
53" by 67"

Pattern from Sunday Morning Quilts pg. 72-75.


  1. I really like that quilt, especially with the unexpected splash of orange. It's very cheerful and bright, so if you use it when you are sick, it should make you feel a bit better. You girls do such good work. M

  2. Love, love, love your quilt and your blog!



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