Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitchen Update

This is what has been consuming my life for the past week or so. 
We're moving slow as we started this a few days before grandparents arrived
for our daughter's baptism. 
Not the best timing on our part, but it was time and we got a great deal on bamboo flooring. 
I can't wait!!! 

But first up, removing the remaining wall between our kitchen and dining. 

 Hubby and oldest daughter taking out the last of the wall.

It's gone. 

Our kids all commented on how "big" it seems now.  That is for sure--I love it.
We had to move electrical from one wall to another, ripped up the remaining linoleum, and added 6" to the existing wall in order to support the soffit between the dining and LR.

Tonight we are hoping to get the floor all laid out. 
Then we can move on to constructing the build-ins for the double oven and cabinets.
With all the stress of it I need to go hibernate in my sewing room for an hour or so.

1 comment:

  1. Exciting! But messy I'm sure. This is when you call your sewing room your sanity room.



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