Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can I get a Hallelujah?!

Tonight I finished the remaining blocks to my string quilt!
That brings my total to 80 blocks, which is a far cry from the original 56 I thought I'd be making.

All that remains are these itty bitty trimmings left in the trash

and the mess in my sewing room
that kinda looks as though Edward Scissorhands invaded! 

Now that I am done with string blocks for awhile and sorta burned out I threw out all the remaining pieces that were left in my scrap bin.  I couldn't bear to look at them any more.  
When I decide to do strings again, I can start fresh.

As far as the quilt goes, I'm hoping to reveal it completed in a few weeks...
I already know it's going to be my all-time favorite when it's done. 


  1. Hallelujah!! Yea - way to go!!

  2. I'll Amen that! I'm looking forward to your reveal.



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