Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fall Butterfly Dress {Simplicity 2715}

B.'s (7 yr. old) new favorite color is blue. So when I saw this fabric being clearanced out at Jo-Ann's I decided that she would probably like + butterflies. What more could a little girl ask for? And it has a more "Fall" look to it even though it is cotton.

However, before I made it up I had to get it "approved", both the fabric and the pattern. I'm done making things for my opinionated girls that they then refuse to wear. This fabric I bought thinking that if she didn't like/want it I would use it to make a very pretty little quilt for someone. Although Miss B. did approve this selection, she has turned into quite the opinionated girl when it comes to clothing. That doesn't always make me very happy.

I used Simplicity 2715 as the pattern and then adjusted it only by adding a contrasting band to both the sleeve and hem.

For the sleeve hem:
Cut 4" wide band, fold in half lengthwise and attach to sleeve.

For the dress hem:
Cut 6" wide band, fold in half lengthwise and attach to bottom of dress.

Press seam towards body of sleeve or dress. Topstitch down.

I've made this dress once before here for my middle daughter.
**Now after all of that hassle to get it approved she only has worn it once (punk kid), and it was slightly under duress too.  So I might have to resort to bribery.  She wants an MP3 player and doesn't have enough money.  So maybe I'll pay her to wear it a couple more times, then we'll both be happy.

**And the remaining fabric I am going to use for a baby quilt for someone...anyone...because I just love this fabric.

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