Saturday, January 22, 2011

One piece tankini bottoms

It may be -18ºF here at my house today, but, or because of that, we can always think nice warm thoughts.  I'm starting to get in the swimsuit mode again--the girls have picked out their fabric for this summer from the stash, and I've started cutting out and getting organized.

We can all thank Aunt Gayle for this post. 
She's been making tankinis for her grand-daughters for years and has adjusted the panty pattern so that you cut both the front and back in one continuous piece and eliminate the seam that runs right across your backside when you're sitting down.

Cutting it out this way may not always work if you are trying to use up smaller/scrap pieces.  Then you will have to cut them out the conventional way.  But if you have a long enough piece of fabric then try this out.  You may never go back to a 2 piece panty bottom again.

So here is how I did it: 

Find your front and back pattern pieces for the panty.
 Lay them out matching where the crotch seam would be--overlapping the seams, eliminating the seam allowance.

Draw yourself a new pattern (remember I like using clear plastic to copy patterns because it wears better over multiple uses and you can see thru it easily)
Cut out your pattern--the stretchiest part of the fabric will go around the bum.
And here is what it looks like all laid out and unfolded.

I cut another one out of lining fabric (or another of the same fabric) to get a fully lined panty.
Sew side seams thru all 4 layers of fabric--lining and fabric together.
Attach elastic as directed per pattern instructions.

See HERE for some suggestions on putting in elastic.

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