Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on Scraps

Today we're talking scraps...

My string quilt is coming along.  I think I've changed the layout no less than 10 times since laying it on the floor.   I keep seeing fabrics that are too close together, but when I move them around they are too close to something else.  It's enough to make me crazy. But, I've decided that I'm over thinking it and need to leave it be. (Duh!)

Currently I have 54 blocks finished, but since I've decided to make it bigger I'm going to need another 26.  That means I am officially only 2/3 of the way finished.  Bummer!  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but I'm positive that I will love it better in the bigger size.  So, I shall persevere...albeit slowly!

image by im a ginger monkey

Though I've done lots of sewing for my string quilt this past week it isn't the only scrap project I've been thinking about.  A few weeks ago I ran across this quilt along.  I really want to do it, though I have mixed emotions about the whole thing.  One side of me says, "What a great way to use up all those tiny scraps!"  The other side of me says, "Are you crazy?! Those are TINY scraps!"   Right now I'm just in the cutting phase.  I need between 900-1300(!) 2.5 inch squares to make a throw.  I find myself feeling a bit wacky about the large amount of work and all those tiny squares, but there's only one way to eat an elephant, right?  Quite honestly I probably won't join in until next year, but my tiny squares pile has begun none the less. 

(If anyone is interested here are the links for block construction:  Block A and Block B)

Speaking of scraps here is a picture of the batting I used for a quilt that I'm working on.  Yep, I pieced the whole thing with small/skinny leftovers.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself after getting all the right sized pieces to line up.  I love when I can use things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Lastly, a few weeks ago Jodi @ Pleasant Home posted some scrap projects that I loved.  She makes a quilt each year with her scraps from the previous year.  So smart if you ask me.  (I"ll probably steal this idea...) Here is her 2008, 2009 and 2010 quilts. Go check them out!

Is anyone else working on scrap or quilt along projects?  Leave a link so we can see them!

Happy Scrap Sewing!!


  1. your string quilt looks gorgeous

  2. LOVE the string quilt. The elephant-eating adage applies there, too - one bit at a time!

    I piece my batting, too - another blogger I read (can't remember who, of course) referred to it as Frankenbatting and it's so true! BUT! Waste not want not, right?

  3. "Frankenbatting"--that is awesome!
    Looks great Em! I'll send you more strips if you want them.

  4. I love your string quilt. So pretty. I've been itching to try one of these myself..



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