Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Mini Quilt

Sometimes, not often, knowing how to sew can be a pain.  When your children figure out, or imagine, that you can do anything with a machine, fabric, and thread it can get tricky.  There's always the dilemma of time vs. money.  Which do you have more of?  In this case, I figured I'd have more time--not really, but I'm game to get rid of more scraps in my sewing room.

B. has a birthday party tomorrow and after receiving this little quilt for Christmas made for her stuffed animals to use,

she requested that I make another one for her little friend's animals.  Along with a pillow to match.  And they needed to be blue.  No surprise there--I don't know if the friend's favorite color is blue, but it is currently B's.

I'm always kind of amazed how good scrap quilts come out when it doesn't seem like anything you have actually matches.  I'm pleased with this little quilt.  A's stuffed animals should stay nice and warm.

Back View

Satin stitch used for finishing the binding

Cut 3" x 6" rectangles
Assembled 9 rows across, 4 down
Shift 1 block to the right each row to get stairstep effect

Finished dimensions:
Quilt 23" x 22" 
Pillowcase 9" x 5 1/2"
Orange and Purple quilt finished dimensions: 21" square. 
Used 16 - 6" cut square blocks

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