Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cheerleader Costume

I've taken a self-imposed quilting break this week so that I could get this costume done for my daughter's 7th birthday today.

I've been telling her for a couple years now that I'd make it for her, probably starting on Halloween 2 years ago...! Now that it's finished, I am now no longer the worst mother on the planet!

The biggest obstacle on this project for me, has been keeping quiet about it! I am one who gets really excited about the things I'm working on and thus might drop some hints to the recipient--I know, so lame!

But, I've tried really hard to keep my mouth shut (my goal for this year) about my surprise projects. The 7 year old has no idea! I hope she freaks when she sees it!

For some reason the green on the trim and megaphone looks really off in these pictures, but in person they are really close to the same color. Not sure why they are photographing that way...

For the top I used Simplicity 4040 and the skirt McCalls 2849


  1. I gasped out loud when I saw this, Em. so cute! K is totally going to freak.

  2. She is going to freak and you should win the mother of the month (or year) award for the surprise and for making a "real" cheerleading out and not some pretend one.

    Holy Smokes!! it looks awesome!



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