Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first quilt

Emily's love of quilting has been rubbing off. I've decided to attempt my first quilt for baby L (Valentine's Day gift). And I was going to buy all new fabrics because I wanted to do a pink quilt, but decided I needed to use what I have. Especially since this is my first one. I guess if I get hooked I can always do a pink version.

This is the color scheme I came up with from my fabric stash. And look! No red. I've given myself a personal challenge to move away from red for a while. It's so hard to leave your favorite color.

{P.S. During a joint trip to the fabric store I found Emily amongst the quilting books. So I browsed a little too and discovered this gem. The "cappuccino waves" quilt stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I couldn't find a picture to share but it is a series of pleats. Run to the bookstore if you want modern quilting.}

Let the fun begin.


  1. Nice color choice--but it looks like red to me or is it more orange in the pic.

    Good luck!!

  2. I thought for sure you'd have it sewn up by now and we'd see a picture of your finished quilt top! Never mind that you just cut your squares yesterday!

  3. it's is definitely orange...salmon-ish

  4. I did my first quilt last year (I chose a super simple rag quilt to start!) and really got into it. I found it's something I really love doing and really enjoy just sewing again as well. Good luck!



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