Sunday, January 18, 2009

Legwarmers completed

L. finally finished her legwarmers that she started back on this post.

A couple close-ups of the cuffs/ribbing.
She is so very happy with them and has worn them all afternoon today. She told me that she should probably start on the next pair now so that she can get them finished in time for her sister for this next Christmas. She might be right. The next pair, if she does it, will not be this subtle as the yarn she picked for her sister is variegated and therefore will end up striping somehow on the legwarmer. That'll make 'em really crazy!!

The pattern came from the Leisure Arts book, "Teach Me to Knit", pg. 47.

Now she is moving on to her next project of crocheting an afghan--which she calls a lap quilt. A friend of ours from church gave us a LARGE box of yarn, that was given to her, and so the kids are loving that. L. claimed a lot of it and is going to make a crazy striped afghan.

M. & Z. (and B. tried, but M. had to finish it for her) made finger knitted scarves tonight too. I'm sure that Z. will turn his into a rope somehow and tie some things up, but they are happy with their little creations too.
There is always something happening at this house, that is for sure.


  1. How do I get a pair of those commissioned for my girls? I think they turned out GREAT!

  2. Cute, cute, cute legwarmers. I have always loved them even when there were out and back in and back out. I bet she is roasty toasty. How about a mini pair for L? :) THAT would be so cute.

  3. Do you want the scarves or the legwarmers!?

  4. Emily,Leslie-I can sure try.

    thigh above the knee around (in).
    ankle around
    distance between those to parts
    same thing

    send asap Lots Of Love L

  5. L. needs some measurements if you want her to try.

  6. I think I have a silly question. What is easier, crocheting or knitting? I'm asking as a beginner. I think I'd like to do a scarf but not sure where to begin. Tiffany



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