Friday, January 9, 2009

Old project, never posted

I made a few more of these jumpers, but never posted them.

Note: size small of this pattern fits my one year old.

made from corduroy. I don't know how it is rendering on your monitor, but it is kind of a purple/burgandy hue

this is what I lined it with

I had trouble finding a button to match. Nothing was this exact color. So Emily suggested silver and I think it worked out really nice.
***I didn't make the top. Found at KMart

white onesie is from Target. And I used snaps on this one instead of buttons so it wouldn't interfere with the yo yos

This jumper I lined with a solid navy. But unfortunately, I used symphony broadcloth (very cheap) which is made out of polyester. So as I was pressing my seams, etc the lining shrunk causing it to not lay flat. Not a huge deal, but I won't be using it anymore.


  1. Those jumpers are darling, Leslie! I'm going to have to make some of those for my girls. Maybe for Easter dresses?

  2. that would be so cute, Rach. I never thought I was a matchy type girl, but I'm dying to match L to her cousins this year (for Easter)

  3. i love the yoyos and how you use them. always perfect.

  4. Les, where do you get your fabric? What type of fabric works for those dresses? Can I use quilting type fabric? Calicos?

  5. All the fabric is from Joann's. Yes, you can use quilting fabric or calicos. Any cotton really. Polyester just shrinks when you use a hot iron.



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