Monday, September 28, 2009


This quilt has been hiding in my sewing room since January. (Does anyone else have unfinished projects tucked away somewhere?) I decided to rescue it over the weekend. All it was lacking was the sad.

(back side)

It's now finished and in my quilt closet, ready to be enjoyed by the rascals.

Quilt details are here.


  1. wow, you are the quilt-maker-machine! how do you find all the time, creativity and energy for that! I have a few projects that are really close to being done....

  2. I do machine binding, and always ebvy everyone else their perfect thin binding strips, I hate hand sewing and will avoid it at all costs! I guess the trade off is not so pretty binding lol. I have unfinished projects all over the house. In my living room, my bedroom closet, under my fish tank, my sewing husband says I'm a starter but not a finisher. There's hope though right? hehe

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  4. Looks nice, Em. I need to finish a couple of my projects. I am trying to get them taken care of BEFORE starting new ones, but that is so difficult at times.

  5. It is sad but I think I have more unfinishe projects at the moment than anything else, and the wort part about it is they are all pack somewhere and I can't find them. Isn't life great!

  6. Good job on finishing the quilt! It looks very nice.

    By the way, check here for a nice Halloween quilt giveaway by a blog friend. She's also a JDRF supporter, by the way.

  7. I really like the colors you used for this quilt. I'm glad you rescued this quilt. I have a couple that keep giving me sad eyes to finish them up. They'll have to wait just a bit longer. :o(



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