Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quilt Block of the Month Project

It's a miracle! I FINALLY finished a project!
As in completed, done, washed and ready to go!

These little quilts have quite a story behind them. I am thinking it was about 8 years ago when I originally thought I'd make a real quilt, not just a patchwork one. Way back then, I wasn't really sure how to do it, so I went to Jo-Ann's and started buying their "Quilt Block of the Month" series for that year. I sewed up the blocks I had, but for some reason didn't finish buying all 12, I ended up with only 7. I put them aside and hadn't touched them until last spring. I tried to put them all together to make one quilt, but it wasn't working out, so they ended up as 2 baby size quilts.

(Picture before washing)

Once again they got put aside until the fall when I pulled them out again. I practiced my sketchy free motion quilting on them. The quilting isn't great, but from far away who can tell, right? I am thinking they might end up as wall hangings in one of my girls' rooms.

I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of hand sewing, I just know it is inevitable. With these 2 quilts I had gone so far as to sew on the bindings and pin it to the back, but couldn't bring myself to do the hand sewing. There they sat unfinished. I kept telling myself that I had way too many other things that had to be done first.

For some reason over the weekend I got a wild hair and decided that these were taking up entirely too much room on my sewing table. I (hand) sewed like the wind and got them finished! Man, do I fell good! And I didn't even mind the sewing once I got going. It ended up being quite peaceful. The only thing that would make it better for next time would be a thimble. Live and learn...


  1. Those turned out really nice and sweet. They would be great on the walls, or as a gift for someone's new little princess.

    One of the library books I checked out was all about star patterns. It is nice to see your different ones all made up--for more ideas down the road.

  2. Those look so great! Last month when I was at my sister in law's, she showed me these very same blocks! Similar story to yours, but hers are still just blocks. She does have all 12. I'll have her see yours and she'll get inspired. I really love to do bindings, so next time when you need one done, send it to me and I'll do it for you!

  3. oh they are SUPER cute emily!!!
    and it feels great having them done!!!

    these will go perfectly in a little girls room.

  4. I really love these. They are so sweet and pretty. You need to keep (and hang) these.

  5. Those are gorgeous! They will surely brighten a child's room. Very pretty.

  6. Those are beautiful! Like I've said before, I have NO IDEA how to quilt, but I really want to learn. I've been so inspired by yours!

    Stupid question for the day: How do they get so "crinkly" looking? Do you buy fabric that does that?

    I have NO idea where to start.

  7. Those turned out so pretty! I love the colors and the texture to them. Way to go again!

  8. They are really cute, love the circle block. And I will avoid hand sewing at all costs, I always machine the binding, I'm amazed I finish quilting projects, but I know myself well enough to know I woulndn't if I had to hand sew any part of it!

  9. Ummm...pretty sure I was with you when you bought them. Wow! Time flies for me, too. 8 years?! Seems like yesterday when we were dragging all the little kids to Joanns.

  10. I don't know if you'll see this comment - it's an old post! I came across it because I'm (as usual) Googling quilty things.

    I enjoy hand sewing, but I think one of the hard things about it is the thimble. That is, most thimbles are uncomfortable and (to me) hot. I have found that a leather coin thimble is wonderful. The metal coin keeps the needle from pushing through as happens on just leather thimbles, but the leather parts of the coin thimble keep it comfortable and relatively cool. Maybe a good thimble will make hand sewing more enjoyable for you :).

    I love your blog, btw, although you exhaust me with your enthusiasm, talent and accomplishments!



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