Monday, March 24, 2008


Here is a little project for boys that I stumbled upon by accident. The last time I was making t-shirts I had made some cuffs for a long sleeved tee and then decided to just go ahead and make it a short sleeved shirt. The cuffs were all assembled and 6 yr. old Z. asked if he could have them. He told me that he wanted them for wristbands. So I just serged the raw edges and he wore them until they were completely ruined, stained, etc. I just made his second pair after much harassing on his part for a new set. It took me 10 minutes tops.


  1. That's hilarious. He just likes to wear them around?

  2. Yes, it almost a 24-7 thing. A couple of times I had to make him take them off so that I could wash them.

  3. Who knew that such a little thing could make a boy SO happy!!



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