Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog Bordered Skirts

I found this obnoxiously bright fabric the other day that I knew the 2 little girls at my house would love. It is a dog print which is always a hit for us. I added a three inch (cut a 6" wide strip, fold in half and press) solid border at the bottom of the hem to maybe tone it down a bit. We put in an elastic waist and all finished. Although they did wear these to church today my intent was for these skirts to be more play/summer skirts.

M.'s friend A. has a matching one too--I had plenty of fabric. And we will be sending a matching one to cousin K. also.
This skirt was simple and easy enough that L. made her own in a matter of an hour or less. She is not into as quite as bright of fabric, but loved this blue floral print I had picked out for her.


  1. Love the skirts--I was already thinking of putting a huge border on the bottom of Miss S next summer dress, so now I can see how cute it will look!

  2. I bet the girls are excited and love having you for a mom...lots and lots of clothes!



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