Saturday, March 29, 2008

FHE Vinyl Board

This week I put together a ward craft night doing these FHE Vinyl Boards. It was a lot of fun and we had a good turn out. It was really easy to do as well.
Just put two coats of paint on my board and as soon it was dry I sanded the edges. I did the same thing for my tags. I drilled small holes in the tops of my tags for the ribbon to go through.
For the vinyl, I rubbed it on to wood like a rub on sticker! It was super easy, just have to have patience because it can be stubborn at times.
When hammering in the horseshoe nails, I drilled a small hole where I wanted them to go so that they would be even and so the wood wouldn't split.

Wood= $2.00 (got a sweet deal)
Vinyl= $3.00 (another sweet deal)
Nails= $0.50
Tags= $1.25
Paint=$0.55 (per bottle)

Estimated Cost of Project $8.00-10.00!!

If found in a store kits or pre-made they can cost anywhere from $25.00-35.00! Pretty SWEET!! :)


  1. I made one of these a few years back and it has been a lifesaver. We probably would not be consistent at FHE without it because the girls keep track of how many weeks they have until they pick the treat. Someday I will have a vinyl letter cutter.

  2. I just finished one of these a couple of weeks ago. I had found the pre-made kit at Quilted Bear for only $16 and wasn't happy with the one I had started from scratch so I sprung for the kit. Yours turned out so cute! I love the red! :)



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