Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Party Pack

Last fall for my birthday Emily sent me a little party pack which included a package of balloons, some crepe paper, candles, and a fun birthday party themed table runner that she had made. It was awesome, especially since we know as moms that usually our birthdays get no respect while everyone around us gets a big deal.

This is the one Emily made for me. Finished measurements 13" W x 72" L.

For St. Patrick's Day this year I added to my table runner collection (2 of them now) and made a green one with a fun print on the back so that you could use it for a party for spring or some other happy occasion. I just bought a half yard of fabric and since it was only 45" W the finished measurements on mine ended up being 17"W x 42" L.

The beauty of a project like this is it is super quick and looks great. Just cut 2 pieces of fabric the same size. Sew right sides together leaving an opening to turn. Turn and press and then topstitch to hold it all in place. And then you don't have to worry about finding the right size tablecloth for your table. Get a nice cloth in a basic color and change the runner for the occasion.

Another part of our family party tradition is the balloon centerpiece and the "You Are Special" plate. We received our first ones as a wedding present from one of our aunts. The base for the balloon centerpiece is a 3/4" board with 3 small holes drilled in it. Mine happens to be flower shaped, but you could just do a circle or square. Paint it how you'd like. Then you buy the sticks and balloon holders at any party supply place.

This year's Valentine's Day centerpiece.

This is what the balloon holder tip looks like. It will hold 3 balloons in each one and you attach it onto the end of the sticks. They are less than $.25 each for these and the sticks. So party on!!


  1. I love to see other people's family traditions. I like the balloon holder tips. May have to steal that idea.

  2. My mom has one of these and I've always wanted one. I may have to make one and visit the party supply store! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. O.K. your mom is the one who gave it to us! Too funny she didn't give one to you.



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