Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Dresses for the girls

Here is the pattern that I used this year for my girls' Easter dresses. I made the dress with the longer sleeved version of the jacket. They need dresses like they need a hole in the head, however, this pattern was just too cute to pass up and I had a couple of fun pieces of fabric in my "stash" besides the couple that I did end up buying.

Simplicity 3513

Our 4 yr. old B. is the lucky one and got 2 dresses because I happened to have another piece of fabric that matched the jacket piece. I think that hers may be my favorite, but not sure. They all ended up looking so different.
Our 8 yr. old M. is definitely the fashion conscious girl of the family. She is rather particular about what she wants to wear. Because her jacket was made out of such a loosely woven fabric there ended up being no gathers at the yoke.

And 11 yr. old L. is total preteen. She can't quite decide if she wants to be totally grown up or not yet. She isn't quite as frou-frou as the other two either. Her jacket is from this same pattern, however, we just removed the collar and adjusted the sleeves a bit. Made them more tapered in than the pattern dictates and then added the ruffle piece.

Her dress was not from this pattern. The pattern I used was actually a costume pattern that is now discontinued. Simplicity 4860. But basically all it is is an elongated peasant style shirt with some elastic at the waist. You can't see it very well in this photo, but the dress is navy with white polka-dots. She is thrilled with it.


  1. those are fabulous!! what lucky girls!

  2. Very cute, Renae. Yes, I like B's the best, but all are cute,cute, cute

  3. Is B's coat made out of pique? Looks like it and looks so nice in that fabric. She just looks so grown up.

  4. It is heavier than pique, but it does have this waffle weave look to it. It was this random piece that I've had in my stash for a VERY long time and there was just enough for her jacket.

  5. Miss L's white jacket looks like Leslie's copycat one she is working on. They can be sassy twins!



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