Saturday, March 30, 2013

Christmas Ornaments of Christ

I know this is super early for the season but maybe not so inappropriate with Easter being tomorrow.

Some time last Christmas I was talking with my mom and I was telling her how excited I was to have bought a white Christmas tree and what new decorations I was going to do with it.  We then got talking about what she wanted to do to redo her tree.  A number of years ago she had some ornaments that depicted the life of Christ.  I remember these.  She is now down to one left.  She said that she wanted to have those again and I suggested that maybe over the summer we should do a Christmas in July project and make some.

Well, I'll be honest, I couldn't wait quite that long.
After we talked about it I just got too excited about the prospect of making these for her as a surprise gift.

I roped in my hubby and got his advice and then raided our wood pile for good sized logs and cut them into slices using his miter saw.

I cut the pics down using one of my scrapbook scissors that looks like torn paper.

Then I got busy Mod Podging them on.
Once they were all dry, I drilled a hole in the top for a loop of twine and then added a little ribbon for some contrast. She ended up with about 2 dozen ornaments.

In the drying stage

I gave these to my mom for her birthday earlier in March.
She was very surprised and very happy.
I was pleased with how they turned out.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Bought the picture packets from Deseret Book, but you can order them online.
  • If the Savior Stood Beside Me by Greg Olsen
  • Beautiful Savior by Greg Olsen
  • Wood slices 1/2" thick or less. ( I like less if you can do it)
  • Mod Podge at least 2 coats.
  • Make sure you don't have any air bubbles 'cuz that'll make you super mad.
  • Jute for hanging the ornaments
  • 20 yd. spool of 5/8" ribbon cut into about 12" lengths for the bow. ($3.99 per spool--but don't forget to use a 40% off coupon.)
I'll have to get a pic of her tree later this year.
I also gave her some red bead garland that I found at the Thrift store to use along with her white lights.
It'll be so fun to see it all done up.

Here is another way to do this same theme/idea.


  1. Those look really nice. Mom's tree will look so pretty!

  2. I do love them and can't wait to put them on the tree next year. They will bring back memories of the first tree we do with the Christ ornaments more than 20 years ago. Thanks again, Renae. M

  3. I see the thickness of the slices noted, but what was the approximate diameter of the wood slices?

  4. they are so pretty. They will make perfect gifts for the primary kids!



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