Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Splash Quilt Pattern

After checking out Amanda Jean's book, Sunday Morning Quiltstwice from my local library I decided I just needed to buy it.  I was able to attend one of her book signing / chats at one of the local quilt shops earlier this summer and it was so fun.  Those quilts are gorgeous! and even more so up close and in person.

I originally started making the Checkerboard quilt in blues (which I am still working on will be doing for daughter #1 for Christmas) and then decided to make the Splash quilt pattern in greens and orange (kids voted no pink).  Thanks to Cheryl for the green scraps giveaway to add to my supply.

I am really happy with the end result.  I did add another row or two on the length because we need it here at our house.  It'll be a fun quilt to "fight" over and use.

I'll be putting some orange polka-dot on the back and probably some green scrappy binding.
Now just need to decide how I'm going to quilt it--me and some straight lines or send it to Lynn for something "fancier"?


  1. That's a fun quilt. I haven't ever seen one like that with the unexpected other color square, but it is a quilt that brings a smile when you see it. You quilters are quite ambitious. M

  2. Love it! What an awesome way to use crazy shaped scraps!



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