Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrift store find and an Apron

It feels like we haven't posted in awhile, even though it has only been one week.

Last week my kids were on Spring Break.  Emily has been having computer issues and it is still at the computer hospital getting fixed, and Leslie is in the throes of pregnancy yuck!  So I guess that means you are all stuck with me. 

Right now I am in the midst of swimsuits and Easter dresses.  Hopefully I can get some cooperation with the weather and takes some pics and post later about those projects.  But for now I'll do some back-posting.

Awhile back (probably before Christmas) I lucked out at one of my local thrift stores and found this Amy Butler fabric--2 yds. for $1.47.


Then I decided to turn it into an apron because one of the ones I love and wear often has seen its last days. I used McCall M6255 view C.

Notes & changes:
  • Originally I thought I only wanted the waistband and tie to be contrasting.  Found matching fabric, cut it out, pinnned the waistband on and then changed my mind.  Didn't like it and so stuck with all the same fabric.
  • Instead of rickrack I used 1/4" double fold bias tape to edge the entire apron skirt and the the ruffles on the bib. (2 - 4 yd. packages needed)
  • Because of that I had to ease the apron skirt a bit into the waistband. (I hadn't adjusted for the side hem I didn't do and cut the pattern down 1 1/4")
  • Also, I preferred the bib ruffles to have curved edges, not square--i.e. bias tape the entire edge of the ruffle.

  • I feel like the bib portion should extend up over the shoulder seam up a bit more (probably 2") so that it is actually on your shoulder and not down on your clavicle when the ties start.  I didn't do it on this apron, but I most likely will if I make this again.
My hubby and kids all commented on how pretty the apron is.  I agree.  So feminine that I almost don't want to wear it and get it dirty.  Almost...


  1. very pretty. Fun aprons make doing kitchen things much more enjoyable. I need to make a couple new aprons but my motivation isn't there yet. Mom

  2. It's a very cute apron! And such a good score on some really nice fabric.

  3. I agree with your husband and kids - darling apron!

  4. That is so cute. And what a find with the Amy Butler fabric



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