Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quilt Club Block Catch Up

The ladies have decided that since we started our Anniversary Quilt Idea in March that we need to play catch up for the months of Jan/Feb.  Lucky for me as I hosted in January.  I told the ladies I wanted red/white blocks, sort of like traditional red work.  (I have this kind of awesomeness in mind.)  Won't that be so pretty?   

For February, Nelda wanted shades of blue.  
For whatever reason I have tons of blue in my stash.

 (Inspired by this)

 And a little menagerie of 9-patches

I love that I'm getting lots of mileage out of my 2.5 inch scrap bin these days!  I would've thought for sure after finishing my scrap-tastic quilt that I'd never want to see another small square again, but that is definitely not the case. Let's just say I can sew a 2.5 inch squares like nobody's business! 

In other happy news, today I am off to see an old friend.  Total spur of the moment trip, so unlike me, and quite possibly the world's worst time of year for our family, but I'm not thinking about that.  Instead I'm thinking only of Me, on an airplane, by myself, for the weekend!!  WooHoo!  I'll deal with the aftermath when I get home. :)

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  1. Those redwork quilts are awesome! I've been thinking of a mostly white quilt with not sure what just yet.

    Have fun in KC! Wish I could go too and get away from everyone.



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