Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Looks

We didn't get all the Easter dresses done in time to actually post them for Easter.  But here is what my girls wore for that day at Church.

Daughter #1's style is much simpler and more relaxed than the others.  She is all about comfort and then if it happens to look good too, well that's a bonus.

Here's what she wanted for her Easter outfit this year.

Simplicity 2850 Top
And happy day, we didn't have to adjust the neckline on this pattern to make it modest enough. 
This is probably one of her fav tees.

Simplicity 2609 Peasant Skirt
We only did 4 layers instead of the longer 5 because of the amount of fabric we had.  But it was a nice length and she was happy with the result.
Daughter #2 is always very particular about what she wants. 

For those of you who sew for your kids and they have not yet voiced an opinion about what you are making for them.  Gear up!  The time will come, it always does, when they will no longer wear what you think is awesome for them.  It may happen when they are 2 or 5 or 12, but I guarantee it will happen.  And no amount of bribing or cajoling will change their mind to wear the creation you present them.  From experience.....just saying.

Her dress was inspired by this Land's End shirtdress and after searching and searching we used pattern New Look 6587 to make her pretty pale yellow linen shirtdress.

She did the majority of the sewing.  I mostly took care of serging, attaching the collar, and the snaps.  The rest was all her.  She did a really good job and received LOTS of compliments on Easter Sunday.

We couldn't find buttons to match so we ended up using snaps (19 sets) instead.
We had to adjust the neckline up a bit and then she wanted 3/4 sleeves with a cuff.
Lengthened it about 4 inches.
She found the belt at the thrift store for about $3.  
And she is pleased as punch.

I think I need to make myself and daughter #1 one of these dresses too.  Should start looking around for the right fabric choice.
And finally for Daughter #3
We used pattern Simplicity 5645 and some lavender linen that I had originally planned on using for myself.  The skirt I made I didn't care for and so cut that up and used both that and the remainder yardage to make her dress. 

I used a little embroidery scallop detailing option on my machine to dress up the edges some.

Love this fabric....rats, so sad it didn't work out for me.


  1. everyone looks very nice and the colors are all very "springy". How nice it is to sew so that adjustments can be made for everyone's preferences. Mom

  2. I like L's top, and M did a great job on her dress. As for B she looks like she'll be voicing her opinion in no time! :)

    1. Oh she already does.
      Right now she is anti-Pink.
      And with that dress she was quite particular about how she wanted the sleeves, etc.

  3. Very nice, Renae! I love the yellow dress with the red belt. It looks great on her.

    I know the day is coming when my girls will not like what I like. So far, they still do. Yeah!

  4. BTW - How old are your girls?



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