Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Swimsuit Times Two

Recently I bought a new baby swimsuit pattern, Kwik Sew 3606, which unfortunately is out of print.  I don't know if they have plans to republish it under a new look or what now that McCall's has bought out Kwik Sew, but this is probably why I was able to buy it from the half price bin at my fabric store.  As far as I can tell, there are no other baby (under 1T sized) swimsuit patterns available thru Kwik Sew.  That is a bummer.

One of my favorite baby shower gifts to make and give are baby swimsuits.  Although I have been known to make a little Speedo for a boy or two, I generally just stick with baby girl suits.  Next weekend I'm going to a baby shower for a couple who recently has adopted a baby girl.  Can't wait to give her these.

 And yes, this is how teeny it is, compared to my hand.
3-6 months size
Aren't those ruffles just the cutest?!

Another little style I wanted to try was a chevron suit.  I had some scrap swimsuit fabric that really wasn't big enough for much else and so I used my standard toddler tank swimsuit pattern (Kwik Sew 2512--also discontinued) and made a little 1T swimsuit for her to wear next summer.

Even though it is cut on the bias I think there is still going to be plenty of stretch in this suit.

I might give a bigger girl suit a try with the chevrons, cutting the stripes on the bias, and see how that works out.  I certainly love the look and it is definitely "in" this season.

And here is how I normally package up this gift.

Inexpensive sand pail and shovel with some tissue paper.

You could also throw in some baby sunscreen, teeny sunglasses, hat or swim diapers.

Where's the beach?!  We're ready for summer!

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  1. Super cute baby ruffles! I'm thinking Ms. S would love them as well!

  2. very cute! Love the packaging also

  3. What a great and fun gift!!

    I went looking for your recommendations for swim suit patterns this past week but couldn't find any. I didn't realize Kwik Sew was bought out by McCalls. Do you have any other pattern suggestions? I was looking at this Jalie pattern because it will work for all my girls (and me if I get that confident). Have you ever tried there patterns?

    1. I haven't ever used these patterns. They aren't sold anywhere in MN (per their website) and the only time I see them is when someone else mentions them online somewhere. And since I can get Kwik Sew at my fabric store I've just gone with those.

      I did go check out Jalie's instructions that you can download and they look pretty straight forward and clear. I hope that if you buy the pattern they include some pics too to go along with their instructions.

      I might do a couple things differently here and there based on what their instructions say, but it seems pretty good.

      I know that you can't always find Kwik Sew patterns either in all fabric stores. The only tankini pattern I've used (that I haven't tweaked on my own) is Kwik Sew 2868


      The tankini tops I've made for my girls I've just adjusted from other patterns or pics of suits I've seen in magazines or catalogs. Not helpful to you at the moment.

      So back to the Jalie pattern. It sure is cute and the instructions look good from what I've seen. They are priced comprable to Kwik Sew. So if the fit works I think they would be good patterns.

      One thing about bra shelves. My youngest is picky about how things feel. She is 9 and would hate a bra shelf. I would just fully line the entire front.

      For "bigger" girls and women I will still add bra cups to the shelf to give more coverage and support.

  4. An adorable swimsuit for a little one!

  5. LOVE the way you've 'wrapped' the present!!! Such a fun idea, but so simple!!!

  6. I am wondering if I set my printer to print at say 75% on a 5T pattern if it would work for a smaller child?

  7. I am wondering if I set my printer to print at say 75% on a 5T pattern if it would work for a smaller child?



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