Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would that qualify as right side up or upside down?

I am loving half square triangles lately!  Right now I am staring at my Sheets and Shirts Quilt and dreaming of the next quilt I can make with half squares.  

But it got me thinking...

How do you see HST's?  

I see them this way -- with the pattern in the bottom left corner.

While others see them the opposite way as me, with the printed fabric in the top right corner.

Now I'm not suggesting that there is a right or a wrong way of doing things, just a curious observation on my part.

1. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 2. seeing red quilt front, 3. My first queen size quilt ..., 4. Modern Swappers_Quilt, 5. Citrus HST Quilt, 6. Sheets and Shirts HST Quilt, 7. HST-3, 8. I Dream of Triangles

 So, in the interest of scientific discovery -- How do you see HST's? 
a). Bottom Left corner or  b). Top Right corner
Just wondering...


  1. I think that I envision them on the bottom, either right or left, but on the bottom.

    However, I do like the one quilt you show that they are positioned top right.

  2. LOL ... #3 is mine ... and it just depends on how I make the bed that day ;-). They are either on the bottom right ... or to add a new one ... top left ;-)



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