Wednesday, March 23, 2011


After a long and indecisive search I finally found the perfect backing for my string quilt.  Check it out!

I'm not usually one to waffle back and forth for long periods of time but the wide variety of colors and patterns in this quilt was stumping me!

I like this print because it has lots of colors without appearing too rainbow-ish to me.

I originally came across it at my LQS in their color wall section of fabrics for $9.00/yd.  But when I went back to the $5.00/yd section I found it again, only slightly different.

The $9.00/yd bolt had navy blue circles while the $5.00/yd bolt had purple ones.  For nearly half the price I can live with the purple.  Besides, from two feet away can you really tell the difference?  So, 4.5 yards later and I'm ready for quilting!  Yay!


  1. Nice score on the backing - it is perfect!!

  2. Perfect backing! and I must say, your string quilt is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. It looks great!
    I just started my string blocks for MHC's bee blocks.

  4. I like the backing choice... I just finished my string quilt this week also. They sure are fun and easy!



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