Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jumper for Baby

I finally got around to making some things for L.
This is NEW LOOK 6576

Here is my first one.

I followed the pattern instructions. And decided I could make it better by doing french seams and lining the dress instead of facing. So I did that on my other ones. They look so much better and were just as easy. But you kind of have to make one first to know what you can change.
This one is too big and will not fit until the spring/summer even though I made the size that fits her weight. Measure, measure, measure because the newborn chart is never accurate for L. I don't know if she is small or what. Anyhoo.....

so then I made this one to fit her now
You should see it with red tights. oh my!!

And this one for the spring/summer also.

( this shows the lining)


  1. Those fabrics are AWESOME! Are those the ones you ordered awhile back?

  2. I agree, those are really great fabrics! I like the red dress with the apples, but you really did upgrade it by adding lining! They all look wonderful..

  3. Yes. except for the black and white one...that is from Joanns. and it's Alexander Henry (one of my favorite fabric designers). Who knew they would have that? But it was on their keepsake calico wall.

  4. Dang cute stuff for the little princess!!

  5. Those are super cute. I love the apple one the best! My little one just took her first steps today so maybe we can wear more dresses as crawling in dresses just made her really mad! Keep up the great work!

  6. wow! And your workmanship is spectacular!

  7. Leslie you are so talented. I actually have that pattern and have made that little dress is really easy for a beginner like me, but I'd love some more instruction on how to line it..I'm guessing I just cut out the same dress pieces and just attach it around the neck and armholes..but am I missing something.
    Btw, the fabric really makes all the difference don't you think? (I love that b& W fabric, I used if for a ring sling.

  8. You've got it.

    And yes, the fabric is everything!

  9. These dresses are beautiful. I love them. My favorite is the polka dots, but then I always love yellow.
    I'm always having to make the next size (or even two sizes) down for my three girls. They are all thin, but not abnormally so, so I think the pattern companies just make their patterns for children WAY too big. I make a size 3 for my very tall 5-1/2 year old. I have to make it length size 6, but still, size 3? She wears size 5 commercial clothes.



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