Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sampler Stitch Purse

L. wanted to post a blog about her drawstring purse that she has been working on for about a year now. She just finally finished it this week. It is made out of Sugar 'n Cream--Neptune Ombre. We tried to re-locate the pattern online--I am pretty sure that we used one from Frugal Knitting Haus, but I couldn't find it to download. Since I had it saved on my computer we went ahead and posted the original pattern we based this one on even though L.'s bag is modified a bit.One thing about this purse is that L. is left-handed. I am right-handed. I taught myself to knit and purl left-handed so that I could help her. We both got it--then just recently I read something that said that left-handed knitters should just learn how to knit right-handed because all the patterns are written right-handed. I am back to teaching her how to knit right-handed. She is getting the hang of it and just started her new project--leg warmers. I wouldn't show her how to read that pattern until she finished this bag. She is hoping that they won't take her a whole year to finish. She wants to wear them this Fall to school.

FINISHED SIZE: (when flat) about 11 inches high and 10 ½ inches wide.

MATERIALS: Worsted weight yarn, about 300 yards. 24" circular needle, size 7, plus a set of double pointed needles for bottom decreasing. (Use any needle to give gauge)

GAUGE: 5 sts = 1 inch and 8 rows = 1 inch (measured over pattern sts.)

DIRECTIONS: Starting at top of bag, cast on 100 sts. Join being careful not to twist sts of round. Place marker for beg. Of round. P 1 round , k 1 round , p 1 round for top border.

First pattern: * K 2, p 2* around, for 8 rounds. Eyelet holes: * K 10, yo needle twice, k 5, yo needle twice, k 10 * repeat between* 3 more times. K next rnd, dropping off all yarn overs. (this will create holes )

Dividing row pattern: (P 1 round, K 1 round) twice , then P 1 round.

Second pattern—Seed Stitch: * K 1, P 1* around. Rnd 2: * P 1, K 1* around. Repeat these 2 rnds for 12 rnds. Work 5 rounds of dividing row pattern.

Third pattern: Rnds 1, 2 , : * K 2, P 2 * around for 2 rounds.Rnds 3, 4: * P 2, K 2* around for 2 rounds. Repeat these 4 rounds 3 more times.

Work dividing row pattern for 5 rounds:

Fourth pattern—Double seed stitch: Rnd 1 & 2: * k 1, p 1* around for 2 rnds. Rnd 3 & 4: * p 1, k 1* around for 2 rnds. Repeat these 4 rnds until 12 rnds have been worked.

Work 5 rounds of dividing row pattern, then work 2 more rounds to finish.

Bottom: K 1 rnd even.

Start decrease: * K 8, k 2 tog* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd: * k 7, k 2 tog*, repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd: * K 6, k 2 tog* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd: * k 5, k 2 tog* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd:* K 4, k 2 tog,* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd: *K 3, k 2 tog, * repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd. * k 2 , k 2 tog* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd.: * k 1, k 2 tog* repeating around. K 1 rnd even.
Next rnd: * k 2 tog * around.

Cut yarn, thread sewing needle with yarn end and draw through remaining sts. Pull to close bottom, and fasten off in inside.

Ties: Make 2: Cast on 145 sts. Do not knit, but bind off in k st. Starting at one side of bag, weave ties in and out of holes so ties end up at opposite side of bag. Starting at this side where ties ended, weave other tie in and out of eyelet holes to end up with ties at opposite sides of bag. You can make an overhand knot on each end of ties, if desired.


  1. That's pretty good that she will be a left AND a right handed knitter. And, legwarmers? All I can say is 5th grade, baby, was when I was rockin' them, too! Man, I'm feeling old.

  2. Sweet! Good job, L! I can't get my girls to knit. Your bag looks great - I want to learn how to do it.

  3. Legwarmers! I want some too...
    The bag is fantastic! Good job, L!!



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