Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rambling Cable Design Scarf

This may be my favorite cable knit pattern of all time.
Because you don't have to think, count, or keep track of anything.
You just place a cable wherever you feel like it, whenever you want.
The whole time I was working on this scarf I kept thinking that this is a great pattern to learn how to make cables, because really you just make them when you feel like and you're not going to screw up any pattern or design.

Rambling - cable knit scarf... just put the cables whenever and wherever you feel like for a rambling improv cabled scarf.  Great idea!
Picture source here

Make them as big or as little as you like and as often as you'd like.

My oldest daughter is a little random herself.
So this design was right up her alley.
It was a toss up between this design and this pattern.

My version for my daughter.

  • Pattern here or here.
  • I added more edge border on mine---5 stitch seed stitch on each side of the cable rows.  Cast on accordingly.
  • 2 skeins Red Heart Soft yarn in Teal
  • Size 9 circular needles.
  • Finished dimensions 6 1/2 inches by 76 inches.


  1. very pretty scarf. I love the blue color on L. Mom

  2. Can't get the pattern link to work . . . ? Really pretty scarves.

    1. Sorry about that Beth. I got the link fixed. Good luck if you try this pattern. It really is quite fun to make.



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