Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall has arrived

After 3 straight days of 80 degree weather last week here in Minnesota, it appears that Fall has decided to make an appearance--and stay.  This week we are in the 60's and 40's in the morning at the bus stop.  Yep, that's Fall.

Usually I adore the Fall season.
Sleeping with the windows open.
Not needing the A/C or the furnace.
My birthday is less than 2 weeks away.
The cooler weather makes me happy.
The kids get creative and excited about Halloween costumes.
More firepit evenings.

This year it is going to be difficult.
Selling a house is not fun.
And when it doesn't sell in the time frame you would like it is even more less fun.

All my Fall decorations are in the back of the POD sitting in my driveway.

Somewhere WAY, WAY, WAY back there.
I'm pretty sure the Fall bins are up against the back wall of the POD.
That means about 6 layers back--top to bottom.
And unfortunately PODs don't come with both a front and a back door.

So the only decorations I have are these 2 ceramic pumpkins.

I only have these because when we went to visit my parents in August my mom decided to clean out her Fall and Winter bins and she was getting rid of these two.  I figured I could use them somewhere.

I actually looked at the thrift store today to see if I could find something inexpensive to decorate with.  I really don't want to buy new stuff, because I have stuff.  Not a lot, but I have stuff.

So maybe I'll go take a walk and find some fun weeds to cut and put in a container.
That might work.

Stay tuned for Christmas...if our house still hasn't sold by then it will be even more interesting.  The Christmas bins are right next to the Fall bins.

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