Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Finds

A couple weeks ago I had my #2 daughter with me and we stopped at the thrift store to browse around. This is NOT one of her favorite things to do.  But she will go with me from time to time.

I go enough that I have my "routine" of where I look and which aisles, etc.

First up is furniture.
On this particular day we saw this beautiful desk with some fabulous scrolling and cabriole legs and even a cute bench to go with.
Just no price tag.
That always scares me.
I figured they would probably mark it at $50 or $100 because it was in really nice shape.

We walked around and checked out the rest of my spots and then came back and there was the desk still sitting there.  I made her stand by the desk while I found someone.

I asked one of the workers if they knew how much it was and when they couldn't find a price tag either they called someone else over, who left to go get a price.

Lo and behold I about died when he slapped on the tag and it was $29.99!!!!

That meant it was only going to be $22.50 because it was 25% off day.

We bought it and while I was waiting for someone to write up the slip a different worker came to ask if we were getting it because someone else had been asking about it.

Yes, we are buying it.
Daughter #2 decided she should have it for her new room in the new house that we still don't have yet.
I agreed she could have it.

Isn't it cool?!
No broken drawers.
No missing scroll work.

Great feet.
And a bench to go with.

That cushion will be super easy to change out. We'll have to be on the hunt for a fun piece of fabric.

We are thinking of leaving the top of the desk dark wood and then painting the rest a cream color and distressing it a bit.

There's my one big happy find for this week.
I am trying to do other things besides accumulate things.
I better get back to my sewing machine.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I'd have that appraised before redoing it if it were me. It's in remarkable condition even though I doubt that cushion is original. Either way, it's a great find!

    1. For sure the cushion is not original, but I have thought about getting it checked out. It has a number stamped on the back corner of the desk. So we'll see....not sure what I would do if it is worth a lot.

  2. Pieces like that scare me to redo. I am interested to see how you sand and paint all the little detail!



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