Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dolman Sleeve T-shirt

As you can tell by my lack of postings, I have been "distracted" by other things.
It is called "trying to sell your house."
I so hope I never have to do it again or at least anytime soon.
Our house still hasn't sold even with lots of showings.
Oh well, I feel like we've done just about everything we can, including paying for a new furnace and A/C which was NOT on the list of things to do in order to sell the house.

I have the new house picked out STILL and it is waiting....and waiting....and waiting.
Those owners want to get rid of their house and know we want it.
Happily they are trying to work with us.
We just need to sell this one!!!!!!!
I'm tired of dealing with selling.
I even ran away with the kids for a week right before school started and went to NE. to visit my parents because I just couldn't deal with showings and keeping the house clean A.L.L. the time and then nothing happening.

School started this week and I am THRILLED!!  Sorry kids, I do love you all, but you need to go away for a time period and then come back.  We'll probably all like each other better then.

I got back into my sewing game here over the last week or two.
Sewing is so helpful for me.
Gets the creative juices going and I can actually see something to completion that doesn't need to be "done" again later: i.e.laundry or dishes, or cleaning the house top to bottom because we have a showing later.

Everyone needed new shirts for school, well at least the girls did.
The boys told me they were fine, but I may have to do some for them too.
In the meantime, we found this easy dolman sleeve pattern and we like it.

Dolman sleeves are where the sleeve and front or back of the shirt are all one continuous piece.

It has a little bit of a high/low hemline.

Close-up of the neckline with a single topstitch.

  • Simplicity 1463--View A  (my girls are eyeballing view C with the contrasting sleeves and back yoke)
  • Recycled navy knit sheet from the thrift store
  • Lengthened 3 inches
  • Also lengthened the sleeves a good 4 inches.

Here is my version.
Short sleeves with no sleeve band.
T-shirt with almost absolutely no stretch whatever, hence the no sleeve band choice.
Also lengthened about 3 inches.

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