Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Londinium Scarf

I had thoughts of giving this scarf away as a gift, until I was into it awhile.
This pattern is rather intense and I decided someone else may not appreciate the effort it took to make it.  So the girls and I will share it.

It ended up being quite thick and cozy.

  • Pattern from Smariek Knits--Londinium Scarf.  If you like intense amounts of cables this site has lots of free patterns.
  • I eliminated 1 column of cables from the original pattern as I wasn't sure I wanted it that wide and I also wasn't sure I could make it as long as I wanted with only 2 skeins if I kept the original width.
  • 2 skeins Red Heart Soft in Turquoise.
  • Finished dimensions 5 inches by 74 inches.

1 comment:

  1. You are making some really awesome scarves and the colors you choose are really beautiful. Of course, this turquoise one is my favorite since that's my favorite color. We got up early today because our Sister got her visa and left for Brazil this morning. She was excited to be going--has 7 mos. left on her mission. M



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