Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Boyfriend Scarf

As you've probably noticed I've been trying out different cabled scarf patterns.  I found this in a book from the library and then found it online.  I was originally going to make this scarf  and even started it, but it wasn't quite doing what the pattern intended.  I think for the yarn I was using it needed to have more than one stitch in between for the ribbing.  You just couldn't see any differentiation. So I found the Boyfriend Scarf instead and it does make me happy.

This scarf, with all the ribbing knitted into it, is rather thick and warm.

Daughter #2 has now put in her order of this scarf in burnt orange.

  • Find the pattern here online. Or it can be found in the book "Chic Knits" by Phuong My Ly, pg. 59.
  • I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in Grape, 2 skeins, for this scarf.
  • Repeated pattern 8 times plus the rounds of side cables (rows 4-12) before binding off.

This is one cycle of the pattern (rows 1-51)--approx. 9 inches long.


  1. You are doing some awesome scarves. I really like all the awesome cable stitches. M

  2. Love your color choice, plum, grey & denim. Looks great!



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