Friday, April 11, 2014

Funeral Weekend

Life has been chaotic and busy here at my house with multiple ongoing home remodeling projects and getting close to the end of school.  We have a senior in HS and so we have stuff to do with that, and just plain life in general--like all of you.

I have some projects to post, but today I'll do something a little different.

Last weekend I flew to Utah for the funeral of my 94 yr. old grandmother on my mother's side.
Besides the fact that I left MN with 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground and 32 degrees to arrive in Utah with it being 60 and sunny, it was a lovely weekend and a great time to reflect on a life well lived, as well as the strength and blessing of good family ties.

All 23 Grandchildren of Leona Johnson (from 4 daughters)
First time we've ever had a picture of ALL of us at one time.
Ages range from 20 to 47 (yikes, that's me!)
Me and my siblings are the 6 on the right.

Emily and I will now tackle the task (slowly) of coming up with a memory quilt using her clothing.  When we did it for our other grandma it came together quickly. Emily knew right away how to use her clothing. This time around it might take us longer. Grandma J's style is so much different than Grandma F's that we'll have to think about it.  Guaranteed we'll post when we have a plan, but for now we're just going to enjoy the fact that we had a great weekend of family togetherness celebrating our lovely grandmother.


  1. What a wonderful memory and tribute to your grandma.

  2. Myra, thanks for letting me know about the email issue. I'm trying to figure it appears it should work, so not sure what is happening.



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